Welcome to the Gwynn's Island Museum!

"Where would Williamsburg be today if John D. Rockefeller had not conceived of its restoration in the 1920s ?  Before his vision, it had become a sleepy town and much of its historic appearance and past had given way to the buildings and practices of a contemporary style.

What Williamsburg has meant to the nation, smaller towns have signified in shaping the character and reputations of their own communities.  On smaller scales, praiseworthy efforts are underway to identify and preserve their heritages.

Gwynn's Island, a distinct enclave within Mathews County, began its museum years ago.  Under the direction and blessing of the Gywnn's Island Civic League, this museum has gathered in, cataloged, and attractively displayed many cultural artifacts and personal histories.  It has brought into the public the individual traditions cherished by proud families, and made them again community property."

Elsa Cooke Verbyla, Managing Editor
Gloucester-Mathews Gazette-Journal - Nov. 13, 1997